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Give the life-changing gift of Birthright AFRICA

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Over the past five years, Birthright AFRICA has been committed to providing a free educational trip to Africa for every youth and young adult of African descent ages 13 - 30 in the United States. With partners including the City University of New York (CUNY) and Frederick Douglass Academy VII High School as well as community-based organizations GrowHouse NYC, Urban Sankofa Project, and Inspiring Minds, 61 Scholars of African descent have received the birthright opportunity to explore the resilience and brilliance of their heritage.

You have the power to leave a lasting impact for future generations in the African diaspora and transform a life with the Birthright AFRICA experience. It costs $5,000 to connect a Scholar with a return to their ancestral lands. Your support will provide youth and young adults of African descent in the US Diaspora a life changing trip for free to Ghana and other nations that builds their lasting connection to the African legacy and its innovative future.

Formed in 2015, by co-founders Walla Elsheikh and Diallo Shabazz, Birthright AFRICA's heritage-based leadership program inspires Scholars to draw pride, confidence, and creativity from their cultural roots and legacy of innovation in the U.S. and Africa. Our vision is for every young person in America of African descent to know the birthright opportunity awaits as they come of age.

Only 2% of US managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs are of African descent. To address this gap in diversity and talent, Birthright AFRICA is creating the next generation of global leaders and entrepreneurs that are proud of their African heritage, confident in their innovative aspirations and connected to the African continent. After completing the program, 98% of our Birthright Alumni confirm they have more resources, clarity, and belief in themselves to pursue their career and life goals. We are committed to ensuring the Birthright AFRICA experience is a part of our culture.

Together we can transform the future of the diaspora for generations to come. Donate today!

Join the Sankofa Legacy Circle, Birthright AFRICA’s premiere membership program consisting of individuals whose contributions sustain the mission of Birthright AFRICA. To become a member, simply commit to providing the birthright for one scholar and make a one-time annual donation of $5,000+. You can also build your legacy over time with recurring donations that equal to $600+ annually, or $50+ monthly. Join today, and access exclusive benefits!